A switch is an electronic device that turns on or off the circuit or causes it to flow to another circuit. The most common switch is a human-operated electromechanical device that has one or more electronic contacts.

The "closed" of the contact means that the electronic contact is switched on and allows current to flow; The "open" of a switch means that the electronic contact is open and does not allow current to flow. Together with plc industrial control device and servo encoder, they are best sellers in our company.

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Different Types of Industrial Grade Switch

According to different standards, we can divide the industrial-grade switch into several groups as follows.

☑ The using classification
Wave switch, band switch, recording switch, power switch, pre-selected switch, limit switch, control switch, transfer switch, isolation switch, travel switch, wall switch, intelligent fire switch, etc.

☑ The structure classification
Microswitch, boat switch, toggle switch, toggle switch, button switch, button switch, and fashion film switch, point switch.

☑ The contact type classification
Type A contact, type B contact and type C contact.

☑ The switch classification
Single control switch, double control switch, multi-control switch, dimmer switch, speed regulating switch, splash box, doorbell switch, induction switch, touch switch, remote control switch, intelligent switch, card plug and take electricity switch, and many cooperation switches like ABB industrial automation products.

Difference between Industrial Switches and Commercial Switches

Industrial switches differ from commercial switches for several aspects such as the components, mechanical environment, operating voltage, power supply design and installation method. You can find more after reading the following paragraph.

Industrial switches have higher requirements for selection and should be better adapted to the needs of industrial production sites.

Industrial switches can better adapt to harsh mechanical environments, including vibration, shock, corrosion, dust, and water.

Industrial switches have a wide operating voltage range, and commercial switches require higher voltages.

Commercial switches are basically single-supply, while industrial switch power supplies are generally dual-power backups.

Industrial switches can be installed in DIN rails and racks, whereas commercial switches are generally rack and desktop.

FAQs about the industrial switch for sale

Does it matter which port I use on an industrial switch?
Generally speaking, it doesn't matter which port you use to connect to another industrial switch. Only pick up a port on the two switches. A patch cable is used to link the two by the ports.

Can I link two switches together?
Yes, you can connect two switches together with local wireless. It is convenient for you to hop online to play with family and friends from a long distance.

What is your industrial switch price?
Industrial switch price is up to your selection of certain products. Because different industrial switches have different prices. We promise all the industrial switches for sale are of high quality at a reasonable price.