What is the function of the servo motor encoder?

The servo motor encoder is a product installed on the servo motor, which is equivalent to a sensor, but many people do not know what its specific function is. Let me explain it to you:

What is a servo motor encoder:

Rotor of electric motor close-up

The servo motor encoder is a sensor installed on the servo motor to measure the position of the magnetic pole and the rotation angle and speed of the servo motor. From the perspective of different physical media, the servo motor encoder can be divided into photoelectric encoder and magnetoelectric encoder. In addition, the resolver is also a special kind of servo encoder. The photoelectric encoder is basically used in the market, but the magnetoelectric encoder is a rising star, which has the characteristics of reliability, low price, and anti-pollution.

What is the function of the servo motor encoder?

The function of the servo motor encoder is to feed back the rotation angle (position) of the servo motor to the servo driver. After receiving the feedback signal, the servo driver controls the rotation of the servo motor to form a closed-loop control to achieve precise control of the rotation position and speed of the servo motor. .

The servo motor encoder can not only feedback the stroke of the servo motor and compare it with the pulse sent by the PLC, so as to achieve a closed-loop system; it can also feed back the speed of the servo motor, the actual position of the rotor, and let the driver identify the specific model of the motor. Do closed-loop precise control for the CPU. When starting, the CPU needs to know the current position of the rotor, which is also given by the servo motor encoder.

Servo motor encoder is a kind of sensor, which is mainly used to detect the speed, position, angle, distance or count of mechanical movement. In addition to being used in industrial machinery, many motor control servo motors and BLDC servo motors need to be equipped with Encoders are used by motor controllers as phase commutation, speed and position detection, so they have a wide range of applications.

Post time: Jul-07-2023