Emerson Inverter SP2401

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Emerson was founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri and Emerson Electric was a motor and fan manufacturer at that time. Through more than 100 years’ effort, Emerson has grown from a regional manufacturer into a global technology solutions powerhouse.

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Manufacturer Control Techniques
Brand Nidec or Emerson
Part Number SP2401
Type AC Drives
Series Unidrive SP
Typical Motor Output Power (HP) 7.5
Input Voltage 380 - 480VAC
Typical Motor Output Power (HP) 10
Frame Size 2
Net Weight 10kg
Warranty One year
Condition New and Original


1. What should be done when the AC servo motor reports overload without load?

① If it occurs when the servo Run (operation) signal is connected and no pulses are issued:

a. Check whether the wiring of the servo motor power cable is correct, and whether there is poor contact or cable damage;

b. If it is a servo motor with a brake, you must open the brake;

c. Is the speed loop gain set too large;

d. Is the integration time constant of the speed loop set too small.

Emerson Inverter  SP2401 (5)
Emerson Inverter  SP2401 (3)
Emerson Inverter  SP2401 (2)

Normal Duty

Max Cont. Current (A) 15.3
Typical Motor Output Power (kW) 7.5

Heavy Duty

Max Cont. Current (A) 13
Typical Motor Output Power (kW) 5.5


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