Fanuc AC Servo Motor A06B-0205-B402

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Brand Fanuc
Type AC Servo Motor
Model A06B-0205-B402
Output Power 750W
Current 3.5AMP
Voltage 200-240V
Output Speed 4000RPM
Torque Rating 2N.m
Net Weight 6KG
Country of Origin Japan
Condition New and Original
Warranty One year

Speed Mode Of Ac Servo Motor

The rotation speed can be controlled by analog input or pulse frequency, and the speed mode can also be used for positioning when there is an outer loop PID control of the upper control device. However, the position signal of the motor or the position signal of the direct load needs to be fed back to the host for calculation.

The position mode also supports direct load outer ring detection position signal. At this time, the encoder at the motor shaft end only detects the motor speed, and the position signal is provided by the direct detection device at the end load end. The advantage of this is that it can reduce errors in the intermediate transmission process and increase the positioning accuracy of the entire system.

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Product Features

Application Occasions and Installation of Servo Motor Controller

The servo motor controller is a key device in the numerical control system and other related mechanical control fields. It generally controls the servo motor through three methods of position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system. Servo control related technologies have become an important reference related to the technical level of national equipment.

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