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Schneider Electric’s aggressive m&a strategy has brought more than 100 brands into its portfolio such as Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin, Square D, APC, Clipsal, Merten, Pelco and TAC. Together with Mitsubishi industrial automation and other companies, schneider becomes one of the best electric businesses in the world.
Schneider creates new social demand constantly and takes the lead in research and development the production, such as the PLC programmable logic controller and industrial temperature controller.

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Brief Introduction of the Working Principle of Servo Drive
How Does the Servo Drive Work

At present, mainstream servo drives all use a digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core, which can realize more complex control algorithms and realize digitization, networking and intelligence. Power devices generally use a drive circuit designed with an intelligent power module (IPM) as the core. The drive circuit is integrated in the IPM, and it has fault detection and protection circuits such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and undervoltage. Soft start-up circuit is also added into the main circuit to reduce the impact of the start-up process on the drive.

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Schneider Electric products are used in a wide range of power markets:

1.Renewable energy sources

2.Infrastructure and energy

3.Industrial automation

4.Intelligent living space

5.Building Management System

6.Distribution product equipment

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The power drive unit first rectifies the input three-phase power or mains power through the three-phase full-bridge rectifier circuit to obtain the corresponding direct current. After the three-phase power or mains power is rectified, the three-phase sinusoidal PWM voltage inverter is used to drive the three-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor. The entire process of the power drive unit can be simply said to be an AC-DC-AC process. The main topology circuit of the rectifier unit (AC-DC) is a three-phase full-bridge uncontrolled rectifier circuit.

With the large-scale application of servo systems, the use of servo drives, servo drive debugging, and servo drive maintenance are all important technical issues for servo drives today. More and more providers of industrial control devices have conducted in-depth technical research on servo drives.

High performance servo drives are an important part of modern motion control and are widely used in automation equipment such as industrial robots and CNC machining centers. In particular, servo drives used to control AC permanent magnet synchronous motors have become a research hotspot at home and abroad. Current, speed, and position 3 closed-loop control algorithms based on vector control are commonly used in the AC servo motor design. Whether the design of speed closed loop in the algorithm is reasonable or not plays a key role in the overall servo control system, especially in the speed control performance.

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